Unparalleled diagnostics and control of your grid.

ekogrid helps your monitor and control just about every component in your utility’s infrastructure in real time.

Ready for up-to-the-minute data on your infrastructures?

Ushering power and water companies into the future.

ekogrid reduces costs and increases efficiency for water and power authorities through the latest in cloud, cybersecurity, and IoT technologies. Our end-to-end solutions help you monitor and control just about every component in your utility’s infrastructure-from knowing the pressure of an individual water main to switching on street lamp.

Low-cost, wireless technology allows for monitoring and diagnostics of thousands of devices across a town, region, or even an entire country. We can take a utility’s collection of existing legacy monitoring systems and tie them all together into one platform, controlled through a web browser, with real-time diagnostics and automated report generation.

Plug into ekogrid and you'll get:

  • Unlimited real-time monitoring and storage capabilities
  • Manual and automated ruel-based remote control
  • Automated custom-made reports in real-time
  • Automated data analytics and KPIs computation
  • Advanced diagnostics showing under-performing elements and eliminating false-positives