The 4th industrial age is just beginning.

ekogrid’s easy-to-connect IoT platform helps your enterprise thrive in our connected world.

Industrial facilities software

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Know exactly where your energy dollars are going.

Many times factories waste money with their energy and water consumption without even realizing it-and when they do realize it, they don’t know why. With ekogrid, manufacturers can monitor electricity, water, and gas consumption and receive warnings when usage crosses a threshold of inefficiency.

We give our industrial partners more than just a meter to measure data on their machine. We collect multi-parameter data, integrating and correlating it to provide a complete and accurate picture of what’s happening on the shop floor. ekogrid provides actionable diagnostics as we integrate different machines, different zones, and different buildings in your factory complex. So that you can immediately identify areas of the factory that are not performing energy-efficiently.

And your costs of production can be understood in real-time, right down to a highly-specific component. We have a distinct advantage for industrial producers. We go beyond monitoring and provide complex and effective diagnostics and automated reporting, which saves you time, money, and energy.

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