ekogrid is an all-in-one Internet of Things platform that offers a range of operational features.
So you can achieve optimal growth and significant cost-savings.

Data Monitoring

Big data on demand.

Automatically collect and store high volumes of different data across your enterprise or renewable power plants, and visualize them in real-time.

Remote Control

Operate everything, from anywhere.

Receive data and actively control all of your remote assets from a distance in a completely secure way. Keep everything running smoothly, saving time and money.

Automated Reports

Get custom-made reports in an instant.

Automated tailor-made reports help you reduce issue-to-resolution time. Eliminate the risk of human error and time-consuming tasks.


Scale into the future.

We supply proprietary process automation technology for seamless communication between operations and third-party closed systems. The 4.0 industrial age is just beginning.

Diagnostics & Maintenance

Eliminate gaps in visibility-fast.

Accurately detect failures and solve them quickly with our real-time diagnostics and comprehensive maintenance tools tailored to your business.

Analytics & Insights

What you need to know, when you need to know it.

Visualize key performance indicators and uncover hidden value in your activities. So you eliminate bottlenecks and enhance your business.

End-to-End Solutions

Easy integration with your enterprise.

Our open system can exchange data through a broad range of protocols and languages, by creating a solution that easily integrates with your hardware and software.

Custom Applications

Make technology your competitive edge.

We can migrate your legacy systems to the cloud or develop integrations for you. Or show you to develop and manage custom-built applications yourself.

Go beyond monitoring and plug into ekogrid


Who We Serve

Integrated IoT solutions for data intelligence.

What began as a solution for photovoltaic (PV) solar power plants in 2011 has developed into the leading customizable IoT platform that serves a range of industries:



9300 +
Monitored PV plants
15000 +
Connected devices
150 +