Safeguard your equipment even after it's been delivered

ekogrid provides you up-to-the-minute monitoring of your equipment, anywhere in the world.

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Ready for real-time data on your products to serve your customers better?

World-wide monitoring of your capital equipment

As a Capital Equipment Manufacturer, you want to make sure your products are operating properly for your customers, no matter where they are in the world. ekogrid monitors key operating parameters of your widely-distributed equipment fleets in real-time which means you can keep an eye on individual machines, practically anywhere they are in the world.  We go beyond monitoring to provide real-time data analytics and diagnostics. So if a piece of your equipment is being used improperly or it’s not performing up to standard, you’ll know immediately-helping you plan interventions and maintenance, and ensuring your customers or renters are in check according to their agreement.

ekogrid also gives you the ability to remotely access and maintain the software embedded in your devices with the highest standard in cybersecurity . So you can detect and debug anomalies and keep your products completely up-to-date. Allowing you to anticipate and provide more engaged, responsive service for your customers.

Plug into ekogrid and you'll get: